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Volunteering & Team Dinners

Our season can't happen without race volunteers.  Coach Heffernan will let the team know when there are opportunities to support our team at a meet.   We also need families to host dinners.  The cross country dinners are an important part of the season, they allow our runners to bond as a team & fuel their bodies the day before the race.  Plus...they are fun for everyone!  Please take a look at the lists on the links below & see if you are able to volunteer, donate or both!  Please be sure all food is free from nuts, thank you!   

What Do Athletes Bring to Dinners?

Athletes are asked to contribute food for EVERY team dinner. Each class brings something specific, so we have a variety! 

SENIORS: Please bring bread. 

JUNIORS: Please bring a dessert. 

SOPHOMORES: Please bring fruit. 

FRESHMAN: Please bring a salad or vegetable. 

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